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WELCOME to SmartList
Buying or selling a business? Avoid costly surprises. SmartList explains what to look for and how to get it.

Created by a business acquisition professional with over 28 years of business brokerage and M&A experience. This is the street smart due diligence guide that uncovers the information that you really need.

SmartList is changing the way buyers and sellers handle business acquisitions. Don't start a transaction without SmartList.
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The SmartList
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Here is a sample of what SmartList will help you find:
Identify the five most important things about the customers of the business.

Review a dozen factors that help judge the soundness of the business marketing and distribution channels.

Examine four critical aspects of the business and supplier relationship.

Uncover the human resource issues that make or break your business.

Know the four smart questions that will help develop future business strategy.

Determine the right inventory levels to maintain.

Sort through the process of discounting or not discounting AR.

Calculate the real asset value of everything in the business.

Analyze the financials to identify how much money is really available to an owner.